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Conor's Vision For AZ01

When I was growing up, women had reproductive rights. There was an assault weapons ban. Recycling was cool. And Democracy was paramount.


In the last 30 years, we have gone backwards.


I'm running for Congress to get us on track. 


Conor and his wife Tina

Protecting Abortion Rights & Reproductive Freedom

The America I grew up in stood for expanding rights, not eliminating them. The America my boys are growing up in is mired in regressive policies. I won’t stand for it.


I am a fierce advocate for the preservation of individual autonomy in private healthcare decisions, particularly when it comes to the right to an abortion. This commitment is deeply personal to me. It is rooted in my wife, Tina's, experience with a D&E procedure after a miscarriage, an act considered illegal in some states. After the fall of Roe, this procedure could be out of reach for millions of women. 

At the heart of my philosophy lies the conviction that we must protect abortion rights and reproductive freedom at the federal level. 

I'm not alone in this belief. I am supported by numerous women's rights activists and celebrities who share my vision for defending reproductive care. 

In Congress, I’ll advance legislation that equips healthcare services to be accessible TO ALL. We must remove barriers posed by the Hyde Amendment and the Helms Act, these policies impede access to essential reproductive healthcare services.

When elected, I will work with health and reproductive rights organizations to pursue legislation that guarantees high-quality, affordable care for everyone regardless of individual circumstances.


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Boost The Economy

I am a finance executive with nearly two decades of economic experience -- and the degrees to back it up. David Schweikert talks a big game on the economy, but his numbers are upside down. In Congress, I will advocate for the closure of tax loopholes that disproportionately benefit large corporations. I think we need to see more tax brackets, not less. Too many groups are lumped together in one-size-fits-all brackets, which leads us to false choices that result in heinous legislation like the Trump Tax Cuts. Most importantly, we need a tax policy that lasts beyond one Presidential term or one Congressional cycle. It has been whiplash for too many Americans over the last decade. Let's expand tax brackets and make sure everyone is paying the appropriate taxes. 

I am a proponent of closing the carried interest loophole. Closing this loophole would not only address the unfair advantages that are reaped by hedge funds but would also generate billions in much-needed tax revenue. 

We don't talk enough about international tax avoidance and what it entails to recoup lost revenue. One potential solution is the implementation of a worldwide tax system. Bold yes, impossible no. 

Under this system, U.S. companies would be subject to the same tax rate on both their domestic and offshore income, thereby eliminating special deductions for offshore income, such as the 50 percent deduction on global low-taxed intangible income as provided by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Additionally. I believe comprehensive reforms are needed to address corporate inversions and close other tax loopholes that currently favor foreign companies operating within the United States. 

Federal law should play a pivotal role in curbing offshore tax haven abuse. By advancing legislation on this issue, Arizona will benefit from collecting millions of dollars in tax revenue that would otherwise be lost. We have to be honest about this situation. To achieve this objective, it is imperative to treat a proportionate share of the income that corporations book to recognized tax havens as domestic income for state tax purposes. This approach ensures that corporations cannot exploit tax loopholes and evade their fair share of tax obligations. 

I am in favor of suspending the federal gas tax to provide relief for individuals and businesses. This temporary measure aims to alleviate the financial burden on American taxpayers while boosting economic activity. However, we must crack down on price gouging. Inflation is falling but bad actors are nefariously keeping their prices at historic highs. We need stronger federal laws to police these dishonest actors who are exploiting American families. 

I support the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Employer-Provided Childcare Credit as I know they will provide greater financial assistance and support to low-income and middle-class families. 

I believe we need to continue to steadily invest in infrastructure for our state so that we grow and prosper. We must also pursue federal solutions to support affordable housing initiatives -- such as protecting renters and pushing for more housing grants -- as this will help our local economy and middle-class families n AZ01.

Listen to me discuss economic policy on KTAR 

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Conor speaking at a finance conference
Conor and his family hiking

Combating Climate Change & The Water Crisis

I grew up right here in Arizona. I have watched this historic drought worsen over my lifetime.  Now raising my three boys in the same district where I grew up, I’m concerned for their future. Make no mistake, we must secure sustainable water sources and invest in innovative solutions for the good of Arizona. I believe it starts with federal leadership. My vision emphasizes that merely protecting existing water resources like the Colorado River is insufficient; new sources of water are essential. We’re already seeing water cuts happening across the state including in parts of AZ01. Action is needed now. 

The good news is the solutions are right there in front of us. What we lack is will and direction. So let’s solve the issues. 

With the level of investment typically allocated by FEMA to respond to natural disasters (forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes), Arizona could secure its water future for centuries. This requires visionary leadership and proactive measures to address the historic drought and ensure sufficient water supply as the state grows.

In addressing Arizona's water challenges, I believe we must recognize that while our situation may seem less dire than other climate change dilemmas, we must take action now to manage our water resources effectively. Arizona has a commendable history of water management, but we need to translate new ideas into a cohesive framework that guides our path forward.

Out on the campaign trail, I often refer to this endeavor as a Manhattan Project for the Water Crisis. What I mean by that is in order to secure a sustainable water future, we have to think beyond the immediate and invest in solutions for tomorrow. This will require leadership from the federal government and coordination with the private sector to achieve this. 

What I’m proposing is big. No different than when we reached for the stars with the Apollo missions or mobilized to liberate Europe. We have to be bold, we have to be creative. 

We must pursue options such as ocean desalination, cloud seeding, and resilient technologies that will ensure our long-term success. We must also be more vigilant: we cannot allow foreign governments to have access to our water supply. We cannot afford to export such a precious resource. 

While the price tag for some of these innovations may appear steep, federal support, as seen in recent bills like the Build Back Better Act, demonstrates a commitment to addressing climate-related challenges. Our grandchildren will surely thank us for these investments later on. 

If we want families, businesses, and major events to come to Arizona – we need water to do that. In Washington, I’ll lead the fight. 

I’m proud to be the only candidate in this primary endorsed by two members of the CAWCD Board in Maricopa County, showcasing my commitment to helping solve this existential threat to our society. I believe that the private sector coupled with federal leadership will solve this problem for us in the long run and I hope to be a part of that. 

Watch me discuss water policy at length here

Pay Equity And Paid Family Leave

My mother's role as a dedicated stay-at-home mom and my wife's decision to temporarily set aside her career to raise our children deeply resonate with me. These personal connections drive my commitment to introducing and advocating for key initiatives, including closing the gender pay gap and introducing a comprehensive paid family and medical leave program which includes the following:

Transparency: We need transparency in the workforce and to federally mandate disclosure of salary scales to prospective employees to promote transparency in the workforce. Too often, women and minorities are put at a disadvantage in the job market because they are paid less and don’t have available resources to show that they are being underpaid. 

Paid Leave: In Congress, I’ll advocate for a robust paid family and medical leave program.  My proposal would guarantee a minimum of 10 paid weeks of leave for new parents, especially mothers, promoting a balance between career and caregiving responsibilities. My plan prioritizes inclusivity, recognizes the unique needs of families regardless of employment status or company size, and aims to narrow the gender pay gap by addressing economic and job security. 

Childcare: We all know there's an urgent need for universal pre-K, a fundamental aspect of ensuring every child has access to quality education from the beginning. This dual focus on early education and comprehensive family support is crucial for creating a society where all families can thrive. 

To support this effort – I am focused on expanding Employer-Provided Child Care Credit. This commitment is personal, influenced by my wife’s experiences juggling careers, and family responsibilities. I understand the challenges faced by modern households and I aim to strengthen the existing 45F tax credit, enabling businesses to reduce their annual income tax liability by up to $150,000. My legislation would encourage companies to offer childcare services, addressing the limited accessibility of such programs revealed by a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey.

I aim to build a more equitable and supportive society—one where the well-being of families and people of all genders are not just acknowledged but take center stage in our national agenda.


Read my recent opinion piece on this vital issue here

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Conor with his family
Conor with his parents and siblings growing up

Immigration Reform

I am a proud immigrant whose family came to this country seeking the American dream. My wife, Tina, fled Iran at the onset of the revolution and has her own unique immigration story. Our journeys have shaped our appreciation for American democracy. The need for comprehensive immigration reform in the country is vital, yet bad faith politics on the part of Republicans threatens to suffocate any opportunity for progress. 

President Biden has been negotiating with a group of bipartisan senators to find a deal that would strengthen immigration restrictions in exchange for passage of more than $100 billion in emergency aid for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and U.S. border security. The problem is Republicans in the House were more focused on impeaching Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (a key figure in these negotiations) and getting sound bites than actually legislating.


When a deal was ready to get passed, Trump convinced the Republicans in Congress to backtrack and kill the deal to deny President Biden a victory. That's craven politics at its very worst. It is clear to me that extremist Republicans don't want to solve this issue. They would rather use it as a wedge issue in election years. But we're on to their game. 

In Congress, this immigrant will lead the charge to pass common-sense solutions to this perpetual problem.


I'll push for a 21st-century simplified path to legal entry and long-term federal funding for increased border technology that transcends Presidential administrations and congressional turnover. I will prioritize funding for improved border infrastructure and security, along with legislation that provides a pathway to citizenship -- especially for DACA recipients -- so that our communities and our economy can benefit.

Watch me dismantle the Right's talking points on Immigration here

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Gun Safety Reform


I am proud that our campaign has been awarded the 2024 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.This honor signals to the group's supporters that we are among the campaigns who advocate for gun violence prevention.

I was in High School when the Columbine shooting happened. I thought then that certainly something would be done to stop this from ever happening again. That tragedy is a footnote now, one incident in the horrific saga of gun violence that has gripped a generation of Americans. Newtown, Vegas, Uvalde, this cycle has to stop. I believe we must hold gun manufacturers accountable, pass an assault weapons ban (which will only occur with Democratic control of Congress), raise the purchase age for firearms, and implore innovation in the design of weapons to emphasize safety. 

Let’s talk about the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). This act, passed in 2005, has shielded gun manufacturers and sellers from legal liability in cases where their products are used in criminal activities. I believe that this blanket immunity hampers accountability within the industry and impedes efforts to enhance firearm safety standards. Repealing PLCAA will create an environment where the gun industry is held responsible for its products. This move would not only encourage manufacturers to prioritize safety in their designs but also prompt sellers to exercise greater diligence in the distribution process. 

Central to my vision is the idea that businesses involved in the production and sale of firearms should prioritize innovation and responsibility. I want to see a future where manufacturers actively engage in developing and implementing new technologies that enhance the safety features of firearms. For instance, fingerprint sensor technologies play a pivotal role in firearm safety, allowing the weapon to function solely when handled by an authorized individual whose unique biometric data is recognized by the firearm. This progressive approach not only heightens firearm safety by restricting access and operation to authorized users but also effectively prevents unauthorized individuals from using the weapon. 

In Congress, I would pursue universal background checks for gun sales and enhanced red flag laws. These initiatives, previously approved by the U.S. House, enjoy broad support. In the absence of an assault weapons ban passing, I would introduce a bill that would raise the minimum age to purchase assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines from 18 to 21. 

It is time for action. My three boys – and your children – deserve to grow up in a country where they don’t have to worry about being shot at school, in a movie theater, a grocery store, or at a concert. Enough is enough. 

Read my op-ed on gun violence policy here

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Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 1.48.23 PM.png

Supporting Ukraine And Fighting Authoritarianism

Make no mistake -- our adversaries are testing the resolve of American democracy and the liberal world order that was established in the wake of World War II and solidified with the fall of the Berlin Wall. To allow Ukraine to be conquered by Russia would send a terrible message to our allies and embolden authoritarianism across the globe. 

Losing Ukraine would tell our enemies that as long as they wait us out, eventually, they will get what they want. It would signal to China that their intentions to invade Taiwan would be successful. It makes our allies who are geographically closer to these bad actors think twice about supporting America's foreign policy objectives, knowing we may not have their back and that our influence is waning. 

The global market -- the world we know -- exists the way it does because American democracy remains a beacon of promise and hope on this planet. Our currency leads the world because of our stature. Our trade deals define the flow of commerce because of the United States' influence. 

If we surrender that position to our adversaries then we allow Russia, China, and yes, Iran, to write the rules. 

China is building up its military capabilities in South America -- our hemisphere. They are expanding their Belt and Roadway scheme and entrapping countries while spreading their naval influence. If they take Taiwan, a democratic ally would fall. Think that won't impact us? 

How much do we rely on chip manufacturing from Taiwan? How will Americans feel about their smartphones and cars not being able to run -- to say nothing of democracy being in further peril? 

Perhaps most importantly, allowing our adversaries to essentially monopolize the geopolitical playbook weakens our democracy here at home. It emboldens bad actors like Trump and the ilk who support him. It tells dictators all over the world to bide their time, and to be patient because America doesn't care. 

In Congress, I will fight like hell to support Ukraine and nations threatened by authoritarianism. I believe Ukraine should be adopted into NATO upon their victory over Russia. 

Furthermore, we must remain vigilant. We must keep Russia, China, Iran, and other bad actors in check. 

Thanks to the ignorance of MAGA extremists in the U.S. House, the resolve of our democracy, our commitment to expanding the franchise abroad, and our preference for the world as we know it, are being tested. We must pass this test. 

Watch as I discuss foreign policy here


Conor and his boys at the Statue of Liberty
Conor reads to a classroom of students

Strengthening Our Public Schools With Federal Leadership

I am a proud product of the Scottsdale Unified Public School District (SUSD) and now my three sons attend Scottsdale public schools as well. As a student at Chaparral High School, I was inspired by my AP English Teacher and now State Senator, Christine Marsh. I am proud to be endorsed by schoolboard members from both Scottsdale and Phoenix.


While I respect school choice, I believe public schools deserve every available resource and chance to succeed. In Arizona, we have seen the public school system gutted and demonized. While key solutions will have to come from the State Legislature, there is more that the federal government can do to help public schools. 

I firmly believe that we need more federal funding to modernize our public school buildings and facilities across the country, including schools in  Arizona and schools in AZ01.  Lawmakers should prioritize increased federal investments to help states expand public high-quality prekindergarten programs and to ensure all children have access to full-day kindergarten. This is a win for kids and it's a win for the economy. 

I'll fight for a living wage for public school educators and employees. We should increase the federal minimum wage to at least $15 per hour by 2030. If we can't get that done then we must make an exception for educators. 

We should eliminate federal barriers that make it harder for states to replace archaic standardized tests with new innovative assessments. 

In Congress, I would push for federal funding for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. 

Furthermore, we must hold charter schools, (including online charter schools and for-profit charters) to the same accountability standards/requirements as public schools. Fair is fair. 

Finally, I support amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the areas of public education.

Read my op-ed opposing ESAs in Arizona

Read the op-ed about my policies from education leaders


Israel-Hamas War

My dedication to foreign policy runs far deeper than a mere hobby; it's profoundly personal. As an Irish immigrant who has realized the American dream, my comprehensive foreign policy platform embodies a heartfelt commitment to fostering enduring stability in collaboration with the United States valued allies.

In the 21st century, few alliances are as vital as our partnership with Israel. As a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s first congressional district, I must clearly articulate my Israel policies – especially in the wake of the October 7th attacks and the war since.

Middle East policy is very important to me. The service of my grandfather, Bill “The Bull” O’Callaghan, a United Nations general who served in Jerusalem, had a profound impact on my upbringing and shaped my worldview during my early years.

The welfare of Israel and the battle against anti-Semitism carry deep personal significance for me and these have been issues to which I've been acutely sensitive since my childhood. I have placed a strong emphasis on actively engaging with members of the Jewish community and listening to their perspectives on all matters concerning Israel and its relationship with the United States.

Additionally, my wife, Tina, and her family escaped from Iran at the onset of that country's revolution in the late 1970s. Tina’s personal journey has had a deep impact on me. I believe we must hold Iran accountable for its role in destabilizing the region. I am steadfast in ensuring Iran never gets a nuclear weapon.

My policy seeks to fortify America’s relationship with Israel. It supports Israel in achieving its regional objectives while actively pursuing peace in the Middle East. At its core, my platform is anchored in a resolute dedication to realizing a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

I firmly oppose boycott measures and vehemently condemn any expressions of anti-Semitism. Instead, I am committed to constructing bridges of understanding and cooperation among all stakeholders.

I support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism. The October 7th attacks from Hamas were an affront to humanity. Israel deserves the support of the United States as it charts a path forward. However, we must prioritize the lives of innocent civilians caught up in the crossfire of this conflict. I am in favor of a cease-fire so that the innocent can be spared and will back any good-faith efforts for a sustained pause in fighting that results in all of the hostages being returned and civilians being kept out of harm's way. I firmly believe Hamas must be dismantled. We must provide ongoing humanitarian aid to innocent civilians in Gaza. 

The pillars of my policy include: achieving a Two-State Solution, cooperating with Israel on security,  fostering economic prosperity with our ally, strengthening democratic values, opposing boycott measures and aid restrictions, countering Iran and hostile actors through diplomacy and careful application of force, and combating Anti-Semitism everywhere.

By diligently pursuing these principles, we can make significant strides toward a more stable, secure, and prosperous future for Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East. This vision represents not only a diplomatic strategy but also a moral imperative in our pursuit of a just and lasting peace. 

Listen to my discussions on this policy here

More on my policy here


Standing Up For Tribes And Ensuring Sovereignty 

I am proud to be endorsed by the Penjamo Yaqui Pueblo Board of Directors -- the only candidate in this race with an endorsement from a tribal organization. In Congress, I will be a strong voice for Native American constituents in AZ01. I'll fight for rural electricity, transportation, and water infrastructure. Unlike David Schweikert, I will push for federal legislation concerning missing and murdered indigenous people. I will also fight for federal dollars and infrastructure that focus on the protection of our environment. Specifically, I'll focus on protecting water rights for tribal nations and preparing communities to be more resilient to threats like climate change and pandemics. 

I believe gaming facilities provide tribes with funding sources to support education, health care, housing, and basic services. They are economic boosters. The recently modernized gaming compact is good for tribes and good for AZ01. I support the continued modernization of an industry that has become a staple of Arizona's economy since the early 90's and has grown to support approximately 40,000 jobs.

When it comes to Democracy, Arizona already has strict voter ID laws, but there are attempts underway right now to enhance these further which would put thousands of legitimate Indigenous voters at risk of vote suppression through their ballots being uncounted. A lack of traditional mailing addresses and voter identification requirements causes many Native voters to be placed in the wrong precinct when they register to vote, which leads to either not being able to register or having their ballots rejected.

There are also issues when it comes to traveling long distances to polling places. Many of these communities are rural and the infrastructure is not there to support easy access to polling locations, which are sparse to begin with. We need federal leadership and coordination with agencies like USPS and other partners to ensure that tribal voices are not silenced and that citizens are not disenfranchised. 

Finally, I will support increasing funding to IHS to improve healthcare for tribal communities. Tribes can count on me to be an ally in Congress, advocating for and honoring federal treaties with tribal nations that guarantee sovereignty.


I hope to join the House Appropriations Committee, which oversees funding for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Indian Health Service (IHS), and other entities, to advocate for more funding to tribal communities.

Too often, AZ01's tribal communities are overlooked or remembered at the last second of a campaign. That won't be the case with me. I will be a staunch advocate for tribal constituents when I represent this district in Washington. 

Listen to my conversation discussing tribal communities and the economy here

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