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The district has changed. Schweikert hasn't.

We deserve a leader who will:

  • Prioritize solving Arizona's water crisis

  • Fight climate change

  • Support small businesses and boost the economy

  • Protect choice and uphold reproductive rights

  • Hold Russia accountable and defend democracy

  • Secure funding for educators in Arizona

  • End stock trading in Congress

  • Reform immigration

  • Make healthcare more affordable

  • Protect veterans and their benefits

  • Defend Social Security and Medicare

  • Support the Violence Against Women Act

  • Fight for gun safety reform

  • Choose common-sense, not extremism

  • Restore civility to Congress


Meet the Democrat Who Will DEfeat David Schweikert


My family's immigrant journey from Ireland and my wife's escape from Iran during the revolution have profoundly molded our reverence for American democracy and the promise it holds. These experiences have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the opportunities this nation offers. I am fortunate to have realized that very dream in my hometown district, where I am now eager to dedicate myself to serving its people in Congress. With a solid foundation from an Ivy League education and a track record of success in the competitive realm of Wall Street, I bring a wealth of economic expertise and a commitment to fostering collaboration across the political spectrum.

Being both a devoted family man and a parent to children of mixed race, I have borne witness to the evolving diversity of America, juxtaposed with the troubling rise of extremism and intolerance. Couple this with the looming specters of climate change, gun violence, and threats to reproductive rights, deep-seated concerns about my children's future and that of the next generation weigh heavily on my mind. As a lifelong Democrat, my unwavering dedication is to secure a brighter future for all families in my district.

Drawing from a lineage steeped in public service—my grandfather having served as a United Nations general, my father contributing to the well-being of veterans in the VA and working under Governor Rose Mofford's administration, and my mother, a fiercely independent woman with a Ph.D., who instilled in me the values of community improvement—I am wholeheartedly committed to bringing a fresh perspective to Congress.

Our current representative, David Schweikert, has lent support to the MAGA movement and obstructed common-sense solutions, to the detriment of Arizona. While Democrats have not yet secured victory in this district, I am poised to change that trajectory. I not only hail from what is now AZ01, but I also reside here with my children in public school and family ties that run deep in our community. 

My background in the world of finance uniquely equips me to collaborate effectively with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. In an affluent district that still leans 2.6% Republican, my private sector expertise positions me as a formidable contender. 


I am committed to codifying Roe v. Wade, safeguarding our communities against gun violence, addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change and our water crisis, and ensuring that everyone contributes their equitable share in taxes. It is time for a new, forward-thinking direction.

I've assembled an exceptional team for this mission, comprised of individuals with a proven track record. We're fortunate to have the same group that successfully ran Secretary of State Adrian Fontes campaign during the 2022 election, a campaign chair with experience working for President Bill Clinton, and a co-chair who served as state director during President Obama's 2012 campaign and as the Executive Director of the Maricopa County Democratic Party.


Your involvement in our campaign is appreciated, and together, we can flip this seat!

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PO Box 13304, Scottsdale, AZ 85267


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